Rangoli Art exist in India since Ancient times. Its kind of an Art which depicts the epic era of Mahabharata, It could be now discerned Nationwide in different patterns, design and names by different regions. Different Name of Rangoli: Chaook- Chhattisgarh Sanskar Bharti- Maharastra Alpana- West Bangal Kolam- Kerala Mandna- Rajasthan Galicha- Gujarat Muggu- Andra Pradesh Chawk purna- Central India Each region have different perceives toward Rangoli art like- In chhattisgarh region Chaook (Rangoli) is very prominent wether its Urban or Rural area, the Artwork could be seen in almost every auspicious events. Its been designed in Various patterns for different festivals like Deepawali, Tulsi Pooja, Pitra Paksha etc. I am deeply involved in this creative art since twelve years to promote current affairs and awareness to public through the artwork, its been created in malls, streets and other public places to attract the pedestrians and others crossing by. The art work is of course temporary but attract the public eye. The art work may take hours to days depending upon on the scale, The colours can be made from marble dust/powder etc. I want to study all different regional patterns and designs by perfection and want to blend n modify it with modern artwork to promote this appealing art all over the world. the research methodology is chosen as to broaden this great art beyond international boundaries. This Research values a lot for me to gather knowledge for bigger perspective and for innovative use of Rangoli.